Social Media Charlotte helps organize, provide resources & foster dialogue for social media marketing professionals in the Charlotte area. We bring together different parts of Charlotte’s rampantly-growing online marketing and social media businesses and the professionals who guide them, along with those new to social media who simply want to learn more.


Social Media Charlotte was founded in 2009 by Jason Keath (of Social Fresh conference fame) and has grown and evolved throughout the years to provide members of the social media, communications & marketing communities with an organization dedicated to improving the education & use of social media in the Charlotte Area. After a few years of systemic change and growth, SMCLT re-launched in an effort to redefine its purpose as an organization and reconnect the social media community.

Primary Mission

Social Media Charlotte aims to uphold a standard of excellence for its members by advocating for greater understanding and adoption of social media services, expanding digital media literacy, encouraging ethical standards by acting as the industry’s leading voice on social media education on both business and professional issues.