Grace Putney


What you love about social media?
I learn something new on social media every day... be it about a person, place, or thing- near or far. It is innovative and informative, and it's very fast. I love it for my own sharing purposes, and am fascinated by its ability to grow and change business. Social media marketing is a beast.

Your favorite spot to hang out in Charlotte?
I was a big fan of People's Market (ouch) but also enjoy Not Just Coffee and Undercurrent. You can find me in many different places (behind all of my screens) often during the work week. I love Poplar in Fourth Ward to wind down the work day. I frequent the Visulite Theater for shows as well. Finally, the weekend warrior in me loves Selwyn, Craft, and Suffolk Punch (not necessarily in that order). I keep a running list of my tried and true spots in Charlotte, and a list a new places I want to try-- Charlotte is booming with great places to dine or spend time, and I'm here for it.

Your favorite social media/marketing news outlet?
I like Social Media Examiner and Product Hunt Daily.

Your favorite social media channel & why?
Instagram has consistently been one of my most favorite. I love the visuals, I love that it empowers others to share. I like Pinterest for the pinspiration as well. Twitter may be a close second to favorite because it is often my source for news AND entertainment. I'm still not over #RIPVine, and have certainly enjoyed TikTok this year.

Grace Putney