Kristen Jackson

Chair, Digital Communications

What you love about social media?
I love how social media connects us to things we love and value - friends and friends, those with similar interests, brands, and locations across the globe.

Your favorite spot to hang out in Charlotte?
There are so many that I have a special affinity for, but some favorites include Rhino Market on Morehead, Mugshots Coffee on Clanton Road and the parking lot at Little Hardware (for Panthers tailgates).

Your favorite social media/marketing news outlet?
I love the HubSpot Blog. They share so many tips, tricks and trends related to all things marketing AND they make them short, sweet and fun to read!

Your favorite social media channel & why?
Instagram. Whenever I need to find a little inspiration, I scroll my feed or take a mini-vacation by scrolling through images based on a hashtag.

Kristen Jackson