Adding Video to Your Content Strategy

Jul 23, 2018

Lights, Camera, Action: A Guide to Video Marketing

Scenario 1: As a business owner, you’ve read that video marketing is important but you’re not too familiar with it. You’re debating whether or not to add it to your business plan.

Scenario 2: You’ve done your research and know that video content is king. You want to add it to your social media strategy, but you have to convince your manager that this will be beneficial.

Scenario 3: Your manager tasks you with adding video to your social media strategy, but your business doesn’t own video equipment and you don’t have experience. You don’t know what you should film and what resources are best to use.

In each of these scenarios, you’re faced with several questions and probably feel a little intimidated. SMCLT has brought in the experts, Duncan Littlefield and Aaron Dodge of The Littlefield Company, to help you. The duo addresses these questions and more at the SMCLT event Adding Video to Your Content Strategy, held back in June.

For Duncan, “The opportunity - To Create, To Connect. To Inspire - it is what wakes me up every day.” Aaron is most passionate about the opportunities in community and brand development, stemming from his work with the the New Orleans Hornets, Minnesota Timberwolves, Minnesota Lynx and Charlotte Hornets. Their insights, stemming from this passion and experience, successfully give us the tools to go back to work and deliver effective, eye-catching video.

Why incorporate video into your marketing strategy?

  • It is very effective at grabbing your followers attention.
  • It is used as an inbound marketing tactic. People are resistant to target marketing today and instead need to be drawn in.
  • It improves your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by ranking higher in platform algorithms.
  • It creates stronger emotional conversations with your followers. An image says a 1,000 words but how many words does a video say?

What does the research say about video marketing for business?

  • 51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.
  • Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.
  • 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos.
  • Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.
  • Views on branded video have increased 258% on Facebook and 99% on Youtube as of June 2017.

What questions should I ask myself when getting started?

  • What’s the story that needs to be told?
  • Where will the videos live?
    • Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, IG Stories, Twitter, Advertisements, Website
  • How long should the video be?
    • Research the restrictions on video length for each social media platform.
    • Create your video based on the length of video your audience expects.
  • Where will your target market interact with your video?
    • Look at social media platforms by age group of majority users
      • Facebook - Age 20-65
      • Instagram - Age 25-35
      • Snapchat - Age 12-25
      • Youtube - Age 10-35

How do I select content to video?

  • Recognize that attention is currency in video marketing. Not only do you have to capture attention with video, you must maintain it throughout your entire story. Watch Ben Parr’s presentation on the 3 Stages of Attention for a better understanding of this concept.
  • Turn a product into a lifestyle.

What resources are best for editing videos?

  • iMovie
  • Splice
  • HyperLapse

Last, when do I hire a production company?

  • When video editing and production is taking away from your day to day tasks - then outsource!

Now that your creative juices are flowing, take these insights back to your workspace and experiment. We look forward to seeing these tips help you and your company develop, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions along the way - we will get you the answers. The Littlefield Company is a great resource to you as well - look to their YouTube channel and Instagram for inspiration.

A final important announcement - If you want to see more SMCLT events planned around video marketing, submit your request here. We will work to bring you a series of events that get you from the beginner stage to expert level.