Finding a Job When The World Stops Event Recap

Jul 13, 2020

We know that COVID-19 has rocked everyone’s world - social media marketing has also been hit hard with budget cuts leading to layoffs, less hours and anxious clients. So, we rounded up a team of experts to share some of their secrets on landing jobs and freelance work during a global pandemic:

Here are some of the topics we touched on, along with gems that our panel of experts shared.

Finding A Job According to Patrick

  • Employers want to see those candidates who can showcase the competencies that are important for their job. Showcase your purpose (and ROI), not your passion. Put youth and inexperience out of your mind. Project confidence instead, showing why you are the best candidate.
  • For interviews, dress the part and practice, practice, practice. Have a few people test your background and your audio for you. And, when uncontrollable/unpredictable interruptions happen in the background, don’t get flustered. People are more relaxed than ever.

Ginny’s Thoughts on How to Wow Employers Using the Acronym “RESUME”

  • R- Review & re-reread your resume.
  • E- Emphasize that you take action.
  • S - Showcase that you get results.
  • U - How many bullets you use.
  • M - Manage your brand across networks.
  • E - Engage your network.

Discover How to Dive into Freelancing with Neal

  • If you’re still employed, the first step is to locate your onboarding documents; find out what you are/are not allowed to do.
  • As a freelancer, your main goal will be to find projects that fit your skillset, schedule and strengths. Look within your network to see if people, small businesses or nonprofits could use your assistance with small projects. Research the pros and cons of different platforms (Upwork, Fiverr, etc.) along with their respective audiences.

Staying Up-to-Date on All Things Social

  • The panel collaborated on this topic, sharing that even if you have little experience, now is the time to go get some! No matter what your future holds, your resume can always use new technical know-how to spruce things up. Use your network of friends, family and even college professors to identify places you can help out. Freelancing gives you the opportunity to try new things. You can also spend time consulting with nonprofits on small projects. Finally, HubSpot, Salesforce and Google are chock-full of free coursework, certifications and resume-boosters.

Thanks so much to our panelists for sharing their wealth of knowledge during tough times for the Charlotte community. Don’t miss the next event!