Power of Podcasting Event Recap

Jun 26, 2019

Written by: Samantha Sherwin, Vice-President of Communication

Podcasts are huge right now. Everyone wants to start one, but how do you stand out from the sea of podcasts? Social Media Charlotte had the opportunity to learn more on this through partnering with Brian Young and Scott Dunstan of the The BrandBuilders Podcast for our “Promoting Your Brand Through Podcasting” event.

Here are the five takeaways that they have for those looking to start a podcast.

1. Be Authentic: Having less structure in your conversations will allow for more flow and authenticity. You should still have questions ready for what you want to ask your guests but also allow for the conversation to take off in a direction you might not have expected.

2. Be Real: If you’re being authentic, then being real should follow suit. On The BrandBuilders Podcast, Brian and Scott tell the stories of their guests which allows for a real, raw and sometimes emotional conversation.

3. Be Unique: Being unique can be tough. Brian pointed out that your podcast will likely never be unique in the sea of podcasts around the world. What you can do, though, is be unique to the community you serve. Brian’s example: if you’re a restaurant starting a podcast, tell the stories of your employees that will connect to the community that you serve.

4. Don’t be Afraid to Fail: As in any new situation, don’t let the fear of failure stop you from trying. Brian and Scott started the Brand Builders podcast not knowing what would come of it or if anyone would listen. Now, at almost 100 episodes, their award-winning podcast is a hit throughout the Charlotte region.

5. Be Committed & Be Consistent: Most people don’t realize the time and effort that it takes to both start and maintain a podcast. Brian and Scott advise that you make sure to commit the time needed to record and edit your podcast. They also have a consistent schedule when it comes to recording and uploading episodes.

Whether you are starting a podcast for your company or your personal brand, these five tips are a great stepping stone to get you started.

We would love to hear the podcasts that you have created! Let us know about your podcast on Twitter @SMCLT or email at socialmediaclt@gmail.com.