Asha Ellison

VP of Communications

What you love about social media?

I love that social media is a tool to build and foster community, as well as a forum that amplifies and challenges voices. It’s fun to follow businesses, brands and people who interest you, but it’s most wonderful when they engage with – and hear – you, too!

Your favorite spot to hang out in Charlotte?
This is hard because I love Charlotte! I’m a big fan of the outdoors though, so, if I’m not strolling about Freedom Park, where I also like to find a bench for reading or people watching, I’m on a greenway somewhere. Next would be NoDa – I love the history of the mill village, its food, and its art!

Your favorite social media/marketing news outlet?

I don’t know if HubSpot counts as one, but I always love to see the research and reports on their blog. I also value news and content from Social Media Today.

Your favorite social media channel & why?
Twitter through and through. It’s a hub of ideas, humor, and always-current commentary. It’s also a great way to find people with varied, original thoughts and experiences who brands can later tap as contributors to think-pieces or to help create content for blogs, marketing campaigns, etc.

Team members

Joannah Long


Catherine Dyer

Immediate Past-President

Sarah Kaplan

VP of Development

Alyssa Mulliger

Chair, Membership

Grace Putney

Vice-Chair, Events/Programming

Jenni Walker

Chair, Events/Programming