Grace Putney

Vice-Chair, Events/Programming

What you love about social media?
I learn something new on social media every day... be it about a person, place, or thing- near or far. It is innovative and informative. I love it for my own sharing purposes, and am fascinated by its ability to grow and change business.

Your favorite spot to hang out in Charlotte?
I was a big fan of People's Market (ouch) but also enjoy Not Just Coffee. You can find me in many different places (behind all of my screens) often during the work week. I frequent the Visulite Theater for shows as well. Finally, the weekend warrior in me loves Selwyn, Craft, and Suffolk Punch (not necessarily in that order). I keep a running list of my tried and true spots in Charlotte, and a list a new places I want to try-- Charlotte is booming.

Favorite social/marketing news outlet?
I like Social Media Examiner and Product Hunt Daily.

Your favorite social media channel & why?
Sometimes I feel like you name it, I've had it with social media channels. Instagram has consistently been one of my most favorite. I love the visuals, I love that it empowers others to share. Twitter may be a close second because it is often my source for news AND entertainment. I'm still not over #RIPVine, and am hoping TikTok can semi-fill the void.

Team members

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Grace Putney

Vice-Chair, Events/Programming

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Chair, Events/Programming